Ram Navami Palkhi To Shirdi 2011

Caption for photograph number one

We are thankful to Pankaj Mahajan who is the President of Dhantoli Sai Mandir Trust, Nagpur had decide that we will go to Shirdi for Ram Navami on 11 April 2011.Suyog Band had opportunity to became a part of this Palkhi. Firstly we were going from Nagpur to Nimgaon by bus then some walked for 4 to 5 hours all the way from Nimgao to Shrdi and some walked bare-foot all the way in the Padh-yatra. Generally it takes time to reach depending on the capacity of the crowd. We cover the distance in different hours and take rest in different places or on an open land or in some temple.

100 years back, in 1911 Shri Ram Navami was celebrated for the first time in Shirdi by Sai Baba himself. And now in 2011, to commemorate the Centenary year of Shri Ram Navami Celebrations at Shirdi, a 100 Palki Processions of Sai Baba reached Shirdi from all over India. All the streets in Shirdi were filled with Baba's Palkhi processions. Lakhs of Devotees carried Sai Baba's Palki's all the way from several places in Maharashtra, Gujarat, MadhyPradesh & Punjab.

Caption for photograph number one

During these palkhi, some obstacles faced by Suyog Band such as weather which was really hot and absence of some other facilities but still these obstacles not able to down the moral of the Suyog Band party. Devotees smeared with Gulal danced all the way chanting Baba's name to the beats of the drums & claps. Some offer Lord Sai Baba various types of food, cloth or some of them started reaching Shirdi by walking along with the Palkhi. During the procession various devotees come across various experiences some see Lord Sai Baba by their own eyes, some feel that he walks along with them, some of them also cured their old diseases, some of them have started getting indications.

We are also thankful to media coverage who was live the news headline” Ram Navami 2011 Celebrations@Shirdi” on NDTV & Star News Channel.Aaj Tak & Tez News Channel was the media presence, who covered this yatra too.”