About us

About our Band

Suyog Brass Band is very famous for last 30 years; established in 1978 by Late Shri. Ashok Dube, Late Shri. Dilip Dube & Shri. Bharat Dubey and that time this brass band had only 10 members but now a days its increases and reached upto 150 members.

This Brass Band Group is originally from Nagpur but they can perform in your city or place which you want. We have various types of brass band instruments, amazing performers & versatile music quality to perform in unusual ways for different occasions. Performers are well dressed up & enjoying their work. Enjoying work is very important because if you enjoy your work, you can enjoy all over the world.

Brass band produced sound, by sympathic vibration of air with the vibration of the playerís lips. Our Musicians are well trained & they have ability to perform these instruments together. They used various types of brass band like Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, French horn & dhol also. . They are playing melodious music from original Hindi old movie songs as well as new Hindi movie songs, Marathi songs. This bandís quality is they played Shanaai also.

Our Artists do rehearsals up to 6 to 8 hours; they really work hard & do practice again & again. We find out our mistakes & concentrate on that, try to resolve that problems. Regularly we check our instruments either it proper or not. We use quality brass bands not local.

Indian People are very aggressive to involve brass band into their occasions & celebrates all occasions with brass band starting from child birth to marriage, any other religious program like shobha yatra, ganeshutsav, diwali, holi & many more. Their expectations are much more for occasions. They love this music and enjoying their occasions specially Marriage, canít imagine Barat without brass band, that sounds is very joyful & energetic .People get lot of energy to dance by this sound.

Suyog Brass Band plays in religious program like Ramnavmi Shobha Yatra and got award for their good performance .They performs stage shows also. Suyog Brass band fulfill all expectations of people & create a wonderful moments of your life.